PARC Bronx (Peer Alliance Recovery Center) Opens for...

May 15, 2018
Shelter Openings

Welcome to the grand opening of PARC Bronx, the newest addition to PA Poker Properties' exceptional portfolio of real estate offerings. As a reputable and established player in the industry, PA Poker Properties is delighted to introduce PARC Bronx, a revolutionary community designed to provide unparalleled living experiences for its residents.

Unveiling PARC Bronx: Redefining Communities and Recovery Centers

PARC Bronx is set to redefine the standards of community living and recovery centers in the real estate landscape. Situated in the heart of the Bronx, PARC Bronx offers a world-class living experience with its cutting-edge facilities, remarkable amenities, and dedicated team of professionals.

Exceptional Living Spaces That Inspire

PARC Bronx boasts a wide range of living spaces, meticulously designed to cater to the diverse needs and preferences of our residents. From cozy studio apartments to spacious condos and townhouses, PARC Bronx offers a housing solution for every lifestyle and budget.

Each living space within PARC Bronx is thoughtfully curated, featuring high-end finishes, modern appliances, and stunning views of the surrounding neighborhood. Our attention to detail ensures that residents enjoy the utmost comfort and luxury in their homes.

The Ultimate Amenities for an Unparalleled Lifestyle

PARC Bronx takes pride in offering an extensive array of amenities that enhance the quality of life for its residents. Enjoy the convenience of an on-site fitness center equipped with state-of-the-art exercise equipment, a relaxing spa and wellness center, and a vibrant community pool perfect for relaxation and socializing.

For those with a passion for outdoor activities, PARC Bronx provides meticulously maintained parks and gardens where residents can take leisurely strolls or engage in their favorite outdoor sports. Additionally, our community spaces are perfect for hosting gatherings or events, fostering a strong sense of belonging and camaraderie.

Unmatched Support from a Dedicated Team

At PARC Bronx, we understand the significance of providing exceptional support and care to our residents. Our dedicated team of professionals is available around the clock to ensure that all your needs are met promptly and efficiently. From our friendly concierge service to skilled maintenance staff, we prioritize your comfort and satisfaction above all else.

A Groundbreaking Approach to Recovery and Wellness

PARC Bronx not only offers outstanding living spaces and amenities but also serves as a peer alliance recovery center. We are committed to providing a safe and supportive environment where individuals can embark on their journey to recovery and achieve holistic wellness.

Our team of experienced professionals, including certified counselors and therapists, collaborates with residents to develop personalized recovery plans. With a focus on individual needs, we offer various programs and resources that empower residents to overcome challenges and thrive in their personal and professional lives.

Embrace a New Chapter at PARC Bronx

Whether you seek a vibrant community, luxurious living spaces, or a supportive recovery center, PARC Bronx is the perfect destination for those who crave an exceptional lifestyle. Join us in embracing a new chapter as we redefine the meaning of modern living and recovery.

Discover PARC Bronx, brought to you by PA Poker Properties, established leaders in the real estate industry. Take a step towards your dream lifestyle by contacting us today to learn more about this extraordinary community and secure your place in the future of refined living and holistic wellness.

Inna Zakhodin
Congratulations on the opening of PARC Bronx! PA Poker Properties continues to redefine community living with this revolutionary addition. The focus on providing unparalleled experiences for residents is truly commendable. Looking forward to seeing how this new venture positively impacts the community and enhances the recovery process. Well done!
Nov 11, 2023
Sharon Tawlks
Bravo to the team at PARC Bronx! The community will undoubtedly benefit from the positive impact of this establishment.
Nov 4, 2023
Sarah Butler
Kudos to PA Poker Properties for the opening of PARC Bronx. It's heartening to see efforts being made to support recovery and well-being.
Aug 19, 2023
Alexandra Duarte
Fantastic news! PARC Bronx is a valuable addition to the real estate landscape, providing much-needed support for individuals in recovery.
May 20, 2023
Jon McKellar
Congrats to the team behind PARC Bronx! Your commitment to fostering a supportive recovery environment is truly inspiring.
Apr 14, 2023
Kenneth Fountain
I've heard great things about PARC Bronx! It's heartwarming to see dedicated spaces being created for recovery and healing.
Dec 29, 2022
Tony Milton
PARC Bronx is an outstanding addition to the community, offering a safe and supportive environment for those in need. Well done!
Oct 31, 2022
Lynette Haynes
Congratulations on the grand opening! The work you're doing to support the recovery community is truly commendable. 🌟
Aug 7, 2022
Christina Antos
I'm impressed by the efforts to establish PARC Bronx, a much-needed addition to the community's recovery resources. Congrats!
Nov 7, 2021
Tigil Andarge
Exciting to see PARC Bronx open its doors, providing essential resources and assistance to individuals seeking recovery.
Aug 22, 2021
Adam Sowers
Welcoming PARC Bronx to the community is a significant milestone in bolstering resources and support for recovery. Well done!
Aug 17, 2021
Angie Gels
The dedication to creating a supportive space like PARC Bronx is commendable. Congratulations on the grand opening!
Mar 21, 2021
Dan Aragon
It's wonderful to see new resources and support systems for recovery in our community. Looking forward to the positive impact PARC Bronx will have.
Sep 23, 2020
Ashley Caserta
Cheers to PARC Bronx for being an inclusive and supportive space for those seeking recovery. Community efforts like this make a difference.
Sep 8, 2020
Will Cornish
The opening of PARC Bronx is a positive step toward enhancing the recovery landscape. Wishing success to the entire team!
Feb 10, 2020
Sharon Miller
Excited to witness the positive influence of PARC Bronx in our community. It's a much-needed resource for recovery and healing.
Dec 17, 2019
Colleen Olson
Kudos to the team at PARC Bronx for their dedication to providing a nurturing and empowering environment for recovery. Best wishes!
Dec 2, 2019
Marc Brand
Wishing success to PARC Bronx in their mission to provide a nurturing, empowering space for the recovery community. Bravo!
Dec 1, 2018
Joseph Jackson
The launch of PARC Bronx is a step forward in promoting mental health and well-being. Kudos to PA Poker Properties for this initiative.
Jul 14, 2018
Yolande Yip
Impressive work on the grand opening. The establishment of PARC Bronx shows a commitment to helping individuals on their path to recovery.
Jun 13, 2018
Brenda Becerra
The introduction of PARC Bronx is a significant step toward enhancing the recovery landscape. Wishing success to the entire team!
May 24, 2018