9 Assisted Living Facilities in Madisonville, KY

Mar 18, 2023


Welcome to PA Poker Properties, your trusted source for assisted living facilities in Madisonville, KY. We specialize in providing high-quality real estate services in the business and consumer services sector for our valued clients looking for comfortable and caring environments for their loved ones. Our team understands the importance of finding the perfect assisted living facility that meets the unique needs of each individual, and we are committed to exceeding your expectations.

Why Choose Assisted Living?

Assisted living facilities offer a wide range of benefits for seniors who require some level of assistance with daily activities while still enjoying an independent lifestyle. These facilities provide a safe and nurturing environment where residents can receive personalized care, engage in social activities, and access various amenities catering to their physical, emotional, and mental well-being.

Finding the Right Assisted Living Facility

With our comprehensive knowledge of the Madisonville area, we have curated a list of 9 exceptional assisted living facilities that meet our rigorous standards of excellence. Each facility has been carefully selected based on their outstanding amenities, qualified staff, positive resident experiences, and convenient location.

Assisted Living Facilities in Madisonville, KY

1. Serene Haven Senior Living

Located on Main Street, Serene Haven Senior Living offers a peaceful and homelike atmosphere. The facility features beautifully landscaped gardens, spacious private rooms, and a variety of engaging activities catered to residents' interests and abilities. On-site nurses and caregivers are available 24/7 to provide compassionate care.

2. Harmony House Assisted Living

Harmony House Assisted Living, situated in the heart of Madisonville, provides a loving and supportive environment for seniors. The facility offers personalized care plans, nutritious meals, and a range of amenities, including a library, fitness center, and scheduled outings to nearby attractions.

3. Meadowbrook Memory Care

Specializing in memory care services, Meadowbrook Memory Care is dedicated to providing a secure and comfortable environment for individuals with Alzheimer's or dementia. Their experienced staff receives specialized training to offer personalized care and engage residents in stimulating activities designed to enhance their cognitive abilities.

4. Maplewood Senior Living

Maplewood Senior Living is renowned for its commitment to exceptional care. The facility offers various services, including medication management, housekeeping, and assistance with daily activities. Residents can enjoy restaurant-style dining, social events, and access to a well-equipped fitness center.

5. Oakwood Assisted Living

Located near the city center, Oakwood Assisted Living provides a warm and welcoming community. The facility offers spacious living accommodations, tailored care plans, and a range of on-site amenities, such as a beauty salon, walking paths, and communal areas for socializing.

6. Sunrise Senior Living

Sunrise Senior Living is committed to promoting a vibrant and fulfilling lifestyle for its residents. With a focus on personalized care, the facility offers a range of services, including memory care, respite care, and rehabilitation therapy. The beautiful grounds provide opportunities for leisurely strolls and outdoor activities.

7. Magnolia Springs Senior Living

Magnolia Springs Senior Living offers a luxurious and inclusive senior living experience. The facility features elegant accommodations, chef-prepared meals, and a comprehensive wellness program. Residents can engage in book clubs, arts and crafts sessions, and enjoy entertainment events in the community theater.

8. The Lantern at Morning Pointe

The Lantern at Morning Pointe specializes in memory care services, providing innovative programs and therapies designed to enhance residents' overall well-being. The facility offers a range of lifestyle amenities, including a beauty salon, fitness center, and a courtyard ideal for relaxation and socialization.

9. Brookdale Senior Living

Brookdale Senior Living is committed to enriching the lives of its residents by providing personalized care plans and an array of on-site services and amenities. The facility offers spacious apartments, restaurant-style dining, wellness programs, and conveniently located common areas for social interactions.

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